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Survey Results: Who’s Hiring and Who’s Seeking Work?

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Posted on: 30/07/2021
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In the Spring of 2021, People with Energy surveyed the energy industry asking both employers and employees about their experience of diversity, equality and inclusion in their sector. In this second part of our analysis of the survey results, we’ll be looking at the responses to a question about career movement.

We asked respondents to tell us if they had been involved in a hiring process in the last year and if so, in what capacity? These were the results:

  • Not involved: 34%
  • Yes, as a hirer: 53%
  • Yes, seeking work: 13%

Lets focus on the last of these. Even when for most of the previous year the country had been involved in some form of pandemic lockdown, 13% of respondents to our survey had sought new employment. 

We asked if these were permanent jobs or temporary contracts and the answers broke down around 70% permanent and 30% temporary. So these weren’t just people on furlough looking for some extra income. These were people looking for a permanent job offer and career change.

People with Energy can help partner the correct person with the job opportunity in the energy and related sectors that they have been looking for. We do this in two ways. We work with the companies seeking their ideal employees, and we work with people seeking promotion within or into an industry who have the transferable skills to succeed.

Our entire recruitment service has been designed to make sure that our clients won’t miss out on the full range of talents on offer from a diverse population. Call us on 01502 564892 or email info@peoplewithenergy.co.uk to discuss your recruitment needs.