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What is it Like to Work for an Employer in the Renewables Sector?

Career Resources, Renewable Energy
Posted on: 07/07/2017
Wind turbine and solar panel

The renewable energy sector is a growth sector. As the cost of deriving energy from tidal, wind, solar and geothermal sources has fallen, finally the potential of these renewable sources of energy is being realised. Take wind: from Rampion in the English Channel to Kilgallioch in Dumfries and Galloway in Scotland, turbines are springing up. No wonder firms are crying out for experienced engineers.

Hard but Rewarding Work

For the right candidate, work opportunities in the renewable energy sector are plentiful and expanding. If you have experience and the relevant qualifications, you can pick where in the world you want to work. If you are starting at the bottom, there are training providers all over the UK that will furnish you with the qualifications you need to go out and start gaining experience.

Good Remuneration

Pay in the sector is good – above average for the private sector and there are plenty of opportunities for promotion as you improve your skill set. Engineers and technicians that are already working within the industry generally feedback that they have high levels of satisfaction with their career choice. Working in the renewables sector has a Green cachet to it as well – you’ll be working hard and saving the planet at the same time.

Work/Life Balance

As with many engineering jobs, there are opportunities to have a work/life balance that is different from the standard Monday-to-Friday/nine-to-five/45-minute commute model. There is also the chance to work abroad and experience another culture.

At People with Energy we work closely with our colleagues in the renewable energy sector to match the correct candidates with the best positions. All of our jobs pages are regularly updated with new vacancies, so make sure you check back if you don’t see a position or location that appeals to you the first time.

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