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5 Perks of Working Abroad

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Posted on: 22/06/2017
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Many of the companies we recruit for are global organisations. Taking up a position with one of these companies could see you working abroad. Here are five of the benefits of taking a job in a foreign country.

1. Experience the World

If you want to see the world, go travelling. If you want to experience the world, get a job working abroad. Sitting on a beach getting a suntan for a fortnight and buying a few postcards of the local temple is seeing the world. Going to work with the locals and socialising with them after hours is experiencing the world.

2. Learn a Language

The English have a terrible reputation for learning other languages. Take the opportunity to buck that trend and immerse yourself in the culture you are working in.

3. A Change in the Weather. 

For all its charms, Britain has very average weather. The summers aren’t too hot. The winters aren’t too cold. It might be fun to live and work somewhere with more of a climate?

4. Meet New People.

The diversity of experience that you will encounter when working abroad is on another scale. Every person has a story to tell and they will want to hear yours too. 

5. Improve your CV

A stint working abroad will really make your CV stand out compared to other applicants who have stayed in their home town. Working abroad shows initiative, flexibility, confidence and self-reliance. 

This last factor can’t be overstated. Most employers will be very pleased to see experience of working abroad on a CV. It works as evidence that a candidate is not narrow-minded. Engineers especially will be picking up skills that they may not be able to experience in their own country.

We regularly advertise jobs based all over the globe. Our clients are looking for reliable people with the correct skills mix and we find them. Take a look at the vacancies that we are currently recruiting for and if you think you have the relevant qualifications, please get in touch. Send your CV to

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