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What Does Your Non-Verbal Behaviour Tell Employers?

Interview Resources
Posted on: 18/11/2016
Body language interview tips

We have always stressed the importance of first impressions when attending an interview. A survey of 2,000 employers found that 33% of interviewers can tell within the first 90 seconds whether they would employ the candidate in front of them.

The research, from Classes and Careers, identified some of the most common non-verbal mistakes made by candidates during interviews:

  • 67% of candidate fail to make eye contact with their interviewer.
  • 47% of candidates have little or no knowledge of the company they have applied to work for.
  • 38% of candidates don’t smile when meeting their interviewer.
  • 33% of candidates have bad posture during the interview.
  • 26% of candidates have a weak handshake.

So, if you are preparing for an interview, here are a few tips to ensure that your body language does not let you down.

Be Enthusiastic, Even If You Are Nervous

We know that interviews can be extremely stressful and even the most experienced candidates will have one or two nerves. However, you want to show your enthusiasm and energy to the interviewer. Introduce yourself with a smile and a strong handshake and try to maintain eye-contact as much as possible.

Sit Up Straight and Don’t Fidget

Remember all those times your parents would tell you not to slouch as a child? Well now is the time to put it into practice. Slouching maybe suitable for lazy weekends sat on the sofa in front of your favourite movie, but to an interviewer it screams ‘I don’t care’. We also advise candidates to cross your legs and avoid fidgeting.

Dress Appropriately for Every Interview

Candidates are advised to dress conservatively for interviews – a matching jacketed suit for both men and women. Men are advised to stick to black or navy, while women can get away with a slightly wider colour palette. Make sure your hair is neat and off your face, avoid bad breath and ensure your fingernails are clean. Those with piercings or tattoos are also advised to cover them – they may not be looked on so negatively as they used to be, but there are still many employers who aren’t impressed by them.

If you are considering a change of career in 2017, why not send us a copy of your CV to cvs@peoplewithenergy.co.uk? We are always on the lookout for candidates across a wide range of industry sectors and can help you take the next step in your career.