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Three Routes into the Energy Industry

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Posted on: 14/09/2017
Deciding which path to follow

The energy sector is booming and, with continued investment in UK renewables, now is the perfect time to find your way into the industry. Whilst many will envisage the majority of jobs available to be practical engineering-based positions, there is also a huge commercial and administrative side to the sector. A rapidly-changing industry, with opportunities to work and travel abroad, why not explore how you could develop your career? Here we highlight three pathways into the industry that don’t require you to be a STEM graduate…

Communications and Public Relations

Every industry requires marketing and PR. With energy issues often topping the media and political agenda, communications and relations are important departments for companies of all sizes. There are several routes you can take into this area: students and graduates can work their way up through apprenticeships and graduate schemes. If you already have a foothold on your marketing career, a change in specialism can be made for those with relevant experience in a technical field or a B2B role. Renewable and clean energy firms are likely to be looking for a genuine passion in their products.

Sales and Business Development

The knowledge needed for B2B roles means that many sales and procurement positions require an engineering degree as well as experience in a commercial job. However, the big six energy firms all run competitive graduate schemes that can be a great way to develop skills and get to know the industry from the ground up. A career move from business, finance, banking or FinTech could be made into a trading role, business development, sales or account management. These types of roles heavily focus on subject knowledge, strategic thinking and interpersonal skills; so larger companies will often take a more lenient approach to fitting the exact job description if you have the right attitude and show willingness to learn. 


A move from an admin role in an unrelated field could be fantastic way to join an industry that gives you opportunities to work abroad, learn new skills and further your career. With many of the larger companies employing thousands of staff, there are a huge number of roles available from PA to data analysis, HR to finance control. Experience is everything in this field, so a CV that shows your skills, especially IT skills, and glowing references will set you apart. 

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