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The Importance of Worldwide Connections in Industry

Career Resources
Posted on: 22/11/2017
Global Connections

We are at the start of a Fourth Industrial Revolution that’s going to disrupt global workforce trends across nearly all industries over the coming years. Last year, the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs report predicted a major shift in the industries and skills that will be driving employment over the next five years as developments in previously separate fields become more connected. AI, robotics, machine learning, 3D printing, nanotechnology and biotechnology are all now increasingly connected: each field influencing and building on developments in the others. Smart systems from homes to factories, grids and cities are utilising these new technologies to tackle issues from supply chain management to climate change. As we embrace more technology in our daily lives, the importance of creating connections within industries 

grows too. 

Interpersonal Skills 

The report forecasted that there will be a big shift in sought-after job skills, from technical expertise to interpersonal, soft skills. Employers will always need communications teams – especially so as many companies are using, and selling, technology and products that are still so new and unfamiliar to the public. Specialised sales representatives have been an emergent trend in almost every industry. There is a particular need in the Energy sector for a new type of senior management and communications direction. 

Interpersonal skills aren’t only necessary as a communications tool for client-facing operations however. As industries change, so do companies and their workforces. Building networks is important to keep abreast of changes and find out about employment opportunities. As we live so much of our lives online, the need to forge genuine and memorable connections is ever more necessary. Many studies have shown that face-to-face interactions create more trust, goodwill and positive outcomes than virtual connections. Attending regular networking events and meet ups is a great way to build networks, but it can be difficult when you work in such a global industry as Energy.

Global Connections

Many of the jobs we advertise are with clients with offices and projects around the world. They rely on us to help them find the best candidates available. We have a large network of global connections, built up over the past three decades. Our personal connections and relationships are built on a foundation of trust and professionalism which means we can open doors for candidates that other recruiters can’t. No matter how good a LinkedIn or Twitter profile one has, a personal recommendation is always better. 

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