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Overcoming the Skills Shortage Amongst Younger People

Career Resources, Industry News
Posted on: 09/03/2017
Young workers in an oil field

Encouraging younger people to view a career in the energy industry as a desirable choice and overcoming a relevant skills shortage in the Millennial generation has become a priority in recent years. When People with Energy started out over thirty years ago, we had the expressed intention of partnering employers in the energy industry with committed and qualified employees. We’ve grown and learnt a lot in the three decades since and expanded into areas such as smart technology, construction and engineering. In some sectors, it seems as if our client base has grown older with us. 

An Ageing Workforce

In one sense, the energy industry’s ageing workforce represents an incredible opportunity for quick advancement for the right candidate. As colleagues and superiors retire or move to less active posts, a young and ambitious person with the right qualifications and attitude can advance quickly through an organisation.

Career Progression Pathways

In the oil and gas sector, for example, most companies have a clear career progression pathway. An engineer can become head of a particular department within the organisation and then progress to chief engineer. Alternatively, they can branch off into management and oversee projects. 

Attracting the Best and Brightest

Too many STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) graduates do not go on to work in the fields of engineering and physical sciences. In the case of female graduates, the figure is a shocking 70%. The energy sector could do more to advertise the opportunities and benefits that a career in the industry offers.

Benefits of a Career in the Energy Industry

Workers in the energy sector generally speak favourably of the conditions and pay that they receive. Ensuring the continued supply of energy to homes and businesses across the UK and improving the reliability and efficiency of that supply is also rewarding. There are opportunities for rapid advancement within or across organisations.

If you are a young graduate with a STEM degree, send us your CV. We have an established network of contacts within the energy industry and related sectors and we respond to every application.