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How to Find a Job You Love

Career Resources
Posted on: 14/02/2020
Happy engineers looking at plans of wind turbines at work

It’s often said that money can’t buy happiness or love, and for the majority of people working in the UK that’s true. A recent survey of UK professionals showed that twice as many workers believe that a job they enjoy is a better measure of career success (83%) than having a high salary (42%). 

When asked to share how they measure career success, the top five responses to the survey were: 

  • Enjoying what you do – 83.6%
  • Being proud of what you’ve achieved – 73.8%
  • Doing a job that makes a real difference to people’s lives – 57.1%
  • Working for a company you love – 54.2%
  • Earning a high salary – 42.4%

Putting your happiness and wellbeing ahead of financial incentives or how others perceive your achievements is a growing trend amongst younger demographics, and is being reflected in how companies are responding with wellbeing programmes and improved HR departments. 

Job satisfaction is rated highly amongst all age groups, industries and sectors as a marker of success – but how many people are actually satisfied? If you are looking for a new role, a new company or even a whole new career path we can help you. 

Our online candidate resources provide help on cv writing, interview advice and career options. Browse our helpful guides and brush up your cv, and get in touch with our friendly team of consultants. Tell us what you’re looking for, what type of company you’d like to work for, the environment that makes you happy and the skills that you have. 

With decades of experience in the energy industry, our specialist recruitment consultants have the knowledge, contacts and experience to help you find a job that makes you happy. And with a booming energy sector, if we can help you earn a great salary too then that’s the icing on the cake! 

Let us help you find a job you love, get in touch with our consultants on 01502 564892 or email cvs@peoplewithenergy.co.uk