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A Guide to Work Christmas Party Etiquette

Posted on December 5, 2018

Work Christmas Party Taking a Selfie

Christmas is just around the corner, and that means so is the Work Christmas Do. Whether yours is a party in the office, a meal at a restaurant, a dinner dance or trip somewhere more adventurous such as paintballing, an escape room or zorbing – the fundamental rules remain the same. No matter where you work or how you’re celebrating the festive season, follow our simple guide to make sure your job and your reputation remains intact! 

Don’t Get Drunk

It’s been said many times, but it bears repeating: do not get drunk! It can be great to let your hair down and socialise with your colleagues, but make sure you stick to your limits and don’t let yourself get intoxicated. If you’re close friends with your co-workers perhaps organise another event, that your bosses and managers aren’t invited to, where you can not worry so much about saying or doing something you might regret. 

Be Sociable 

Use the more relaxed environment to network and talk to people from other areas of the company. Mingling with people outside of your immediate circle of co-workers and friends is a great way to boost your reputation and standing, as well as finding out about opportunities within the company, although make sure you talk to colleagues from all levels and departments, not just those you think might give you a promotion. Be a social butterfly, not a time hog! Keep your inital conversation with someone brief, if they want to talk at length they will return to you later! 

Say Cheese

In any group of people in a social setting, there will always be one who wants to document the whole evening in selfies and photos, don’t be that person. While it’s nice to have a few mementos of the party, keep your phone in your pocket and don’t insist on adding people on Facebook or knowing their Instagram handle so you can tag them online – it’s rude and can be very awkward! If you’re on the receiving end of this situation and don’t want to share your online identity with a colleague, give a firm but fair excuse such as ‘I don’t really use Facebook/Instagram’ or ‘I just use LinkedIn for professional contacts’. 

Limit the Gossip and Shop Talk

It can be tempting to just talk about work and your co-workers, but try to keep shop talk to a minimum – you’re at a party after all! Talking about work all evening will make you seem dull, especially if guests have brought plus ones to the party – your colleagues’ husband or wife doesn’t want to hear about the latest HR updates! Gossiping is best avoided too, if you find yourself suddenly in a conversation about Karen from accounting’s weird lunch habits – either keep schtum and don’t add to the chat or politely leave the group. 

Call a Cab

Don’t be the last one standing, bow out gracefully before the end of the evening so that even if you’re not drunk, you’re not included in the telling of the drunken tales at work the next day. Offer to call a cab for any co-workers who seem drunk, but be careful how you phrase your offer, you don’t want to offend anyone by telling them off or to be a buzzkill.

Remember, it’s a party so have fun and let everyone else have fun too! Be friendly, don’t be a bore and don’t get drunk – but don’t tell off others if they are celebrating harder than you! 

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